Our staff consists of engineers, architects, designers, technicians, administration and interns from various technical institutions.

A wide selection of consulting services

Masanti A/S provides a wide selection of consulting services including construction, renovation and maintenance for all types of buildings and facilities. We also specialize in water supply, heating, sewerage, land development, drone survey, terrain modeling and tank systems for flammable liquids.

We can furthermore also provide real estate assessment including technical evaluation.

Masanti A / S uses IT in all processes and has a broad and in-depth knowledge of programs such as the 3D-programs Revit and AutoCad Civil.

3D visualization

For the design of buildings, the 3D CAD program Autodesk Revit is used. A program that gives a better understanding of the complexity of a construction project, as a physical 3D model can be built of the architectural, constructive and installations. Autodesk Revit helps to improve the construction process and ultimately helps building a better result.

When designing constructions on terrain, AutoCAD Civil 3D is used. AutoCAD Civil 3D is ideal for the design of construction and engineering in the field of transport, building and offshore projects. In AutoCAD Civil 3D you can explore various design options as well as analyze the project's features, which helps to improve the construction process and ultimately helps produce the best results.

All our services are quality assured according to the guidelines in the company's quality assurance manual.

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